The Delaware Project

The Delaware Project aims to redefine psychological clinical science training in ways that emphasize continuity across a spectrum of research activities concerned with (a) basic mechanisms of psychopathology and behavior change, (b) intervention generation and refinement, (c) intervention efficacy and effectiveness, and (d) implementation and dissemination. As a first step, the Project will bring together clinical scientists representing different sectors of this spectrum in hopes of creating productive (even visionary) dialogue leading to the articulation of new, improved models for training. A later step will involve publishing recommendations and best practices for training graduate students, interns, and post-doctoral fellows across all stages of intervention development science. The Project will also serve as a catalyst for generating web-based training resources and stimulating ideas for cross-program demonstration projects and practice- research training networks.

The initial meeting of the Delaware Project occurred in October, 2011 at the University of Delaware.  Since then, the Center has worked to further Project goals along with stakeholders (listed under Funding).

C-TECC currently plays a primary role in the development and maintenance of, an interactive resource for disseminating resources and information consistent with the Project’s training mission.  The website includes training resources (e.g., course syllabi, problem-based learning activities), scientific resources (e.g., fidelity measures, methodological tools), announcements, relevant publications/presentations, and the proceedings of the October, 2011 conference.  The core feature of the website is a portal whereby collaborators can submit resources for peer review and publication on the website.  C-TECC coordinates the submission, review, and posting of resources.