Therapist Adoption Project (TAP)

Therapist Adoption Project of PCIT- TAP: Beginning in 2008, Delaware’s BEST (Bringing Evidence-Based System of Care Treatment) offered therapists training in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), an effective, evidence-based therapy (EBT) for young children.

After BEST’s innovative training ended in Fall, 2014, C-TECC launched the Therapist Adoption Project (TAP). TAP gave PCIT-trained therapists an opportunity to have their voices heard. In addition to an on-line survey, therapists were asked in a confidential interview to share, in their own words, their training and implementation experiences — problems as well as the good.

Giving the therapists a voice offers information policy-makers and administrators can use to improve future EBT training and roll-out initiatives. Documenting the practical challenges of introducing EBT’s into everyday clinical practice is a critical form of evidence as the state and nation seek to improve mental health services.