Building Roads to Inclusion and Diversity in Graduate Education

BRIDGE  aims to promote the inclusion of diverse perspectives in clinical science. The project focuses on three aims: 


A primary aim of BRIDGE is to support students  from groups that are traditionally underrepresented in clinical science graduate programs. One initiative toward this aim is the Annual UD Clinical Science Visit Day.


A second aim of BRIDGE is to build connections between clinical science programs for the purpose of promoting inclusion and diversity in the field. Through this professional network, we share resources and strategies, encourage feedback, and discuss progress and challenges.

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A final aim of BRIDGE is to continue improving diversity and inclusion in our own program. We are currently developing an action plan toward this aim, and we welcome feedback and collaboration.

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BRIDGE is generously supported by funding from Department of Psychological and Brain SciencesThe Center for The Study of DiversityThe College of Arts and Sciences, and The APA Commission on Ethnic Minority Recruitment, Retention, and Training in Psychology II (CEMRRAT2) Task Force.